Vaccination and Costs

PRICE LISTHome visit R460
Consultation R270.00
Admin per injection R 115.00
Home visits R 500.00
Pentaxim (5 in 1) R450.00
Rouvax Measles R200.00
Avaxim Hep A R325.00
Varilrix chickenpox R410.00 not available in SA currently
Twinrix Hep A&B R325.00
Infanrix Hexa (6 in 1) R500.00
Prevenar 13/ Synflorix (IPD) R700.00
Rotarix (oral) R410.00
MMR R300.00
Boostrix Tetra R400.00
Antenatal classes R1200.00

All Prices are subject to change.